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What is Bee Maven?


Bee Maven is a new type of service that will bring the joys and excitement of beekeeping to your home.  You will have your own honey beehive placed on your property and cared for by an experienced beekeeper.

In exchange for providing a healthy home for the hive to prosper, the hive will provide to you a source of local honey and wax products.  Keep it for yourself, or or share your personalized honey with your close friends.

By having a beehive on your property, you are helping  the entire community by allowing all plants in a 3-mile radius to be pollinated by one of the most efficient pollinators on the planet.   Supercharge backyard gardens and fruit trees each year with abundant blooms and bountiful harvests with a year-round a pollinator source.

The service guarantees the hive, so if yours dies, we can replace it at no additional cost.  Normally a dead-out can cost upwards of $130 to replace each spring. 

In order to make this guarantee work, Bee Maven hives must be maintained and documented by a trained Bee Maven Beekeeper.  Each hive inspection is thoroughly documented using cutting-edge beekeeping technologies, and is used to create a Bee Health Plan that will keep your hive healthy and prosperous each year.

The service cost is still being finalized, but there will be an initial deposit for the equipment and bees, followed by a recurring monthly payment for the maintenance.  Upon launch of the service, I will be looking for customers in the Southern Puget Sound area that are willing to adopt the first hives in 2016.


5 thoughts on “What is Bee Maven?

  1. I would like to host a beehive in my yard .How do I start one?

    1. Hi Dana, If you want to go it alone, the best thing you can do is join a local beekeeping club. I have learned a lot from mine, and am currently very active in it. If you’re looking for someone else to take care of your hive for you, we can help you with that!

      1. I would like to have an expert work with the bees I will foster. How do I get set up?

        1. Hi Dana,

          Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll let you know when the next batch of hives becomes available for adoption.

          Thanks for your interest!

          1. Great! Sign me up!

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